Joyce M Anderson

First visit to Santa at 2 weeks old!

In all honesty, I have lived a fairy tale life of relative leisure for the last 23 years! Blessed to survive very well on solely my husband, Scott's, income, I said goodbye to Corporate America after giving birth to our beautiful son, Evan.

From his pre-school years on, there was not a room-mom or team-mom opportunity I ever turned down. There were also opportunities to serve in leadership at our church, both with small children and with their mommies.


Evan and his best buddy, Demond

As Evan grew older and needed me more for my wheels than moral support (a crushing realization!), time opened up to pursue other areas of interest such as garden and interior design.

And when he was driving the wheels on his own, I started a home staging business – at the height of the real estate depression (okay. so now you know I am more than a bottle blonde!) In 2013 I decided to cut my losses and dissolved the company.

I could continue to blame the economy on that business failure but, again, in an attempt to remain honest with you I have to say I just didn't know how to manage my time and obligations well. My office was wherever in the house I plopped down with my laptop, my office hours were just as loosey-goosey, and I was terrible at following up with phone calls.

The only thing I did really well was socialize with fellow stagers, go to staging conferences and trainings, and assist my staging buddies on their installations.

The love of my life!

The love of my life!

Enter the online marketing world. I drifted through numerous MLMs with the same quasi-business mentality and figured it just wasn't for me. Had I developed some systems, processes, routines and (I'm going to say the very unsexy “D” word here!) Discipline, the conclusion may have been different, indeed.

Fortunately, in the process of learning to market those products on the internet, I met some wonderful mentors who showed me what it takes to actually run a business that prospers.


That is the turn-around I wish for you.

No, you don't have to strap yourself into an office chair and pound the living daylights out of your computer keyboard from dusk until dawn.

Yes, you can definitely still take your laptop out on the patio and enjoy the fresh air while you work.

Family funny business

Family funny business

And yes, the time flexibility will still be there for you to unplug and be present with your family.

But, just like magic, you'll realize something awesome:

While you're enjoying all those perks of your online career, your productivity has brought you into prosperity.

This is the place for YOU to be honest with your-self. Are you in danger of being a “hobbyist” rather than a solid, successful entrepreneur? Would you like to exit the path of overwhelm and enter into your very own control center that actually pays you and sets you free?

Come hang with me for a while. It is my joy to offer you my lessons learned. Let's shorten the learning curve for you and get you into profit.

Abundantly yours,