Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies – 3 Tools To Help You Reach Your Income Goals

Most of us who are serious about making our businesses work want to cut through the common mistakes and follow a time-tested blueprint to success. Though every business and business owner is different in some way, shape or form, experts in the online marketing industry agree on five elements that are important for every top earner to include in their affiliate marketing strategies:

  1. Have a high-converting sales funnel
  2. Generate traffic to build your list by giving value
  3. Consistent, professional follow-up with your leads
  4. Sell quality affiliate products
  5. Host webinarsAffiliate Marketing Strategies

Do any of these elements surprise you? Following a few marketing leaders, you will notice they all seem to have these five things in common, right?

If you notice a hiccup in any of these areas in your business, it could be the very thing that is holding you back. So let's dive a little deeper into 3 of these elements and see how bringing them into your business flow can boost the results in your affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #1: How To Sell With Webinars

You've got something to sell. You've got value to share. Hosting a webinar is the most time-efficient and productive way to showcase your insight as well as your product or service.

Ilean Harris makes the process look easy in this video. She is a real pro and her enthusiasm is contagious! She gives a ton of value here, including topic ideas, common mistakes to avoid, and ways to increase your live attendance. Goal setting and mindset are also covered.

A key takeaway is her recommendation of sharing your story. “Why people should buy from you is always more important than what people should buy from you.” In our electronic age, people are hungering for humanity.What better way to demonstrate why you are passionate about your topic than with a webinar!

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #2 – Creating a Sales Funnel

[slideshare id=6199312&doc=optimizeyoursalesmarketingfunnel-101216151819-phpapp02]

The good folks at Hubspot certainly know their stuff, and they are masters at instruction. Though this training may go a little deep into the weeds for most home business practitioners, there is some incredibly valuable content here you don't want to miss. You will find best practices for designing your funnel, organizational structure, automation, metrics to be aware of, and ways to repair common funnel blockage points.

The key here is automation. There are a lot of points in the sales process that you need to be constantly present and active in, but your sales funnel is not one of them. It is a high-functioning machine, a huge business asset. Set it up, test it and tweak periodically, and let it roll.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #3 – Follow Up with Your Leads Like a Pro

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The infographic above is geared to follow-up strategies after a live networking event, but the principles apply to online tactics, as well. Did you catch the stat above that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact?

There are some phenomenal online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools available to help you automate (there's that word again!) your follow up efforts and keep you on top of your game. Treat your leads like the solid gold they are, and they will repay you with gold of a more monetary color!

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Successful home business results are all about marketing strategies. If you can put those strategies into a daily blueprint that brings in qualified leads that convert, you will knock your results right out of the park!

Profit-ably Yours, Joyce M. Anderson

PS: Look for tools you can leverage to make your blueprint go to work for you. Here is the suite of tools I use – I know they will work for you!!

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