Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy – Composing Content for Maximum Effect

The way you construct your content for submission to an article marketing directory is really not much different from how you would write for your blog or website. And it really pays to include an article marketing service in your overall marketing strategy.

As in composing a blog post, the use of keywords and phrases is vital for every piece you write. Bear in mind the keywords and phrases you choose are how your readers, and Google, will be searching for you. So you need to make it easy for them to find you, especially if you are posting purposefully for traffic.

Do your due-diligence in keyword research for your target audience. You can dig even further by analyzing which web sites are using those search terms you have selected. Then you'll want to determine if those websites are serving the same audience niche as you are, and whether or not those keywords will actually be the right fit for you and your article marketing strategy.

Start Building your Article

If you don't enjoy writing or feel you just aren't effective at crafting articles, don’t be afraid to mimic the pros. I don’t mean copying someone else’s content!! But you can learn an awful lot by reading a number of the highest-rated articles on a few article publication sites. Most sites will have a list of most commonly read articles.

When you study these articles, pay attention to how they are developed and constructed. You may notice the conventions they use to direct a visitor all the way down toward the resource box at the bottom of the page.

You may also notice the most successful written content makes short work of paragraphs – meaning they are no longer than one or two sentences. This introduces “white space,” which makes the article appear easier to read.

You can use bullet points, as well, to make your content appear easier to consume. The more straightforward your content is, the more effective your article marketing strategy will be.

Another gold nugget you may find: successful content is usually composed in everyday language, leaving higher-sounding vernacular to material they write for other professionals within their industry.

BIG HINT: To avoid having your article declined, do not put links for your website or any products or services inside the body of your article. Confine them to your author bio box.

Headings Should Be Eye-Catching

Many people do not read all the words on a page unless it’s a novel. Time is a precious commodity for everyone, so your visitors will often skim your content for specific phrases and words that may present a solution to their problem. Placing your keywords or tags in headings will help the reader skip to the portion of your article that interests him most. Keep those critical headings brief and eye-catching.

The Meat of Your Article

Be careful to position keyword phrases once in the beginning of your article, two to four times in the major body of the content (base this on your word count), and finally once more in the concluding sentence.

Within your content, guide the reader down to the your author bio, or resource box at the bottom of the page. This is the place to include a call to action, motivating a person to click through for further info. Having a call to action on each piece you write should be key to your article marketing strategy. So, If you want to include an opt-in link or link to a capture page, do it here in your resource box.

Though it is necessary to write your content for the search engines, remember you are writing most importantly for the PEOPLE who are searching for you. Most people on the internet are seeking solutions to concerns or questions they have. By making your article enlightening and beneficial, and having the right keywords in place, you will be helping them end their search.

It may sound complicated and maybe even slightly intimidating. Realize that article writing is a craft that gets easier each time you do it. The more content you produce, the more adept and effective you will be. Keep an eye on your published content regularly to see what is performing well to help you hone your skills. There are plenty of online courses out there to help you further, like Robe Fore’s Posting On Purpose for Profit.

Before you publish your article on another site or article marketing directory, you will have to reword it, or “spin” it. There are several software applications that will do this for you. A free web-based app you can use is Content Boss.

The reason you need to do this is that Google will solely index 1 copy of an article and disregard the rest as duplicate content. So in spinning your article you will ensure that every article is distinctive to the site or directory you submit it to.

When you are off and running as a content marketer, make as much use out of each article you write. Re-spinning and reposting your content should be a very important component of your article marketing strategy.

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