Attraction Marketing Secrets

Powerful Attraction Marketing Secrets

A relatively new phenomenon in the world of marketing has turned conventional methods on their head. You’ve heard of it, I’m sure: Attraction Marketing.

What exactly is Attraction Marketing? And why is it taking the industry by storm?

The Hunted Instead of the Hunter

Attraction Marketing means what it says. You don’t chase. You, the marketer, attract.Attraction Marketing Secrets

Instead of constantly hunting down people to sell your products to, you are drawing in those who need or want your product naturally.

Old Versus New:

Traditionally, marketers have spent hours cold calling and knocking on doors, often with shaky results. But with attraction marketing you don't have to plaster ads in front of a non-responsive market. Your prospects look for you and come to you for what they want.

You literally end their search!

Who needs cold-calling!

By reducing the amount of time spent chasing new business, your time can be better spent developing and promoting products, and helping people.

That’s right – not hounding people! Helping them!

Standard selling methods sometimes lose sight of one crucial fact: people like to buy! But, nothing can put a possible buyer off faster than an approach by an aggressive salesperson.

In contrast, attraction marketing’s key focus is to take the existing need to purchase, and meet it by giving the customer something they really want.

The Attraction Marketing “K-L-T” Factor

Attraction Marketing SecretsA key concept in Attraction Marketing is developing the “K-L-T” factor: Know-Like-Trust. People tend to buy from people they know, like, and trust. It is on the marketer to nurture relationships – not focus on numbers and quotas. This requires diligent, caring and respectful follow-up. Using a contact relationship system (or CRM), such as the one included in My Lead System Pro's back office, is a crucial tool.

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Bottom line, you’ve got to care about people! Your market will sense whether you are being truly genuine or not, or whether you really want to help them or not.

Attraction marketing asserts that people are buying YOU, not necessarily your product. More and more individuals do much of their shopping online and are blasted daily by mounds of unwanted advertising. The best advertising in the world is the person who offers value – not links, spam, or migraine-inducing pop-up banners!

Benefits Versus Features:

An attraction marketing pro will share the benefits of using the product – not necessarily the features.

What’s the difference?

The features of a food processor would be the size of the bowl, the power of the machine, the various attachments.

The benefits of using the food processor would be how much easier it makes dinner preparation, how much smoother your soups and sauces will be, how many new dishes you can prepare with it.

Product demonstrations and glowing testimonials from satisfied customers help the sale progress after the buyer has been attracted by the initial value you share.

Attraction Marketing and MLM:

Here is a nice plus if you are in a network marketing business: the individuals you attract are usually not just one-time buyers. They will view your brand favorably, and continue to buy from you – possibly even taking an interest in joining your opportunity.

If you are a network marketer, attraction marketing techniques are a much more powerful way to grow your team than chasing after friends and family and pestering anyone within 3 feet of you!Attraction Marketing Secrets

And you have an enormous target audience! There is literally a bottomless sea of people in the world searching for a business opportunity, and many more dissatisfied with the business they are in!

The traditional hard-sell method of begging your warm market to join your team is not only ineffective and in many cases offensive, it is also a thing of the past.

Rather, appealing to a prospect’s emotional side by showing them what they could become as a person (successful, respected, and a leader), is far more persuasive – especially when shared with integrity and truthfulness, and augmented with a demonstration of results.

Incorporating Attraction Marketing Into Your Business:

Attraction marketing is actually pretty simple to execute, especially when employed along with a proven lead generation system like My Lead System Pro.

Along with its amazing marketing platform, MLSP is a training resource that is second to none when it comes to Attraction Marketing. Many Mega-Watt leaders in the marketing community got their start with MLSP!

With MLSP you become the hunted and not the hunter so that you can build a thriving business quickly and easily.

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