Attraction Marketing Strategies

Attraction Marketing Strategies – Putting the Social Back in Social Media

There is no better place to practice attraction marketing strategies for your business than on social media. Though it seems to be the online marketer's favorite buzz word, there is plenty of evidence on Facebook, Twitter, et al, to suggest that many still don't know what it is or how to do it effectively!

No one is better qualified to instruct on attraction marketing in the social media universe than Jessica Higdon. With several wildly successful courses on Facebook networking, and numerous other marketing trainings to her name, I thought the following video would be a fantastic place to refine our understanding and skills on the subject!

Attraction Marketing Strategy Fails

Attraction Marketing Strategies

Networking on Facebook does not mean plastering your website links in any text box you can click your curser in! In a physical networking situation you might get arrested for that kind of harrasment! Would you sit down next to somebody at a networking event, tap them on the shoulder to get their attention, then stick a bullhorn in their face at point blank and shout your contact information?

It sounds ridiculous, but so many people do the virtual equivalent of this! If you are going to enter something into someone's comment box, PLEASE!!, drop them an actual comment!! Make it positive, winsome, … um … attractive! Make it about them – not you.

Attraction Marketing Strategies

Yes, it is called attraction marketing, but the attraction part comes first! Make it your very first goal to genuinely make a friend. When the relationship is established, make yourself aware of what they are struggling with – just like you would do with a friend. If you can help them by giving them value, ideally for free or very low cost, do that. Earn their trust.

Attract a Following with Imagery

Attraction Marketing Strategies

The more creative you can be with your posts, the better. Photos and inspirational images are dynamite attractors because people generally sit down to relax on social media, not shop. They are also not looking for a lengthy report or article to read. So go for broke with eye candy 🙂

My favorite app for creating images is It is free to create an account, loaded with beautiful photos, layouts and visual elements, and super simple to use.

As Jessica points out in the screen shot above, you've got to interact with people who see your posts and write comments. Develop loyalty in your followers by being loyal to them.

More Attraction Marketing Ideas:

Attraction Marketing Strategies

I included this screen shot here because Jess shares some great ideas for posts so that you (and your fans) don't feel you are a Johnny-One-Note. Asking questions is wonderful because your followers will feel honored when you ask them for help instead of always being the “Boss” on your page. Reach out to them for their opinions and suggestions or ask them for help with something.

Get the Conversation Going

Attraction Marketing Strategies

Jessica goes into some great detail at this point about how to handle a conversation. She follows with some fantastic questions to ask in order to gain clarity on the things they want or need. In marketing-speak, this is where you are “qualifying your lead.” You may or may not have something to help them. If you do, it may or may not benefit you financially now. But take the time to see if this could be a good working relationship.

Attraction Marketing Strategies

Give this step in the process extra care. It helps to keep a record of what you learn here to refer back to at some future point in your friendship.

The Closer

Attraction Marketing Strategies

These suggestions for closing lines are not in any way hard-sell, but when you have developed a relationship with someone and showed you are a caring human being, they are very effective.

As Jessica's video demonstrates, attraction marketing is the opposite of chasing down a sale. When people are naturally drawn to you, and you take this approach as a friend, they are less likely to feel “sold.” And you won't feel like a make-the-quota-at-all-cost kind of sales person! The stress is taken off of both of you!

Attraction Marketing Intensive

Go deeper to learn more attraction marketing strategies – from creating a funding proposal, to copywriting, to video techniques and more in this comprehensive course.



Here is the entire video training for you. I know you will find tremendous value – Jessica delivers quality content, as always, and can show the beauty of utilizing attraction marketing strategies without even saying a word! Enjoy!

Profit-ably Yours, Joyce M. Anderson

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