Small Business Productivity

Small Business Productivity – Reflections of a Twitter Chat

Small Business Productivity Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by the wonderful folks at Viral Content Buzz on a Twitter Chat. Thought you would enjoy reading the Q and A 🙂 Q: How long have you been working from home? What inspired you to start your own business? A: I became a certified home stager…

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Prospecting Your Way to Profit-ivity

Mastering the skill of prospecting is one of the most important things you could ever do in your business. If your lead-generation strategy is going like gang-busters, but you dread picking up the phone to actually meet your prospects, your business is dead in the water. Mine was! I can so relate! Types of Prospecting:…

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – What Experts Can Tell You

Affiliate marketing and network marketing – often these two labels seem to be used interchangeably, leaving one to wonder if they don’t all mean the same thing. There is a vast difference between them. Network marketing refers to the practice of belonging to one company, and selling all the various products or services of that one company through…

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Audio Marketing

Digital Lead Generation – Even for The Camera-Shy

Ah, to stand out and be different in the internet lead generation world! First one guru says you’ve  got to try marketing with Facebook, and all of a sudden, every online marketer is hopping on the band wagon. The next marketing megastar says you are nothing if you don’t have a YouTube channel and, BAM! The crowd jumps ship and races to…

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Attraction Marketing

What’s Your Story? – Attraction Marketing Through Content

Attraction marketing is much more than just a well-worn buzzword. As business owners progress from the start-up phase to “bonafide” establishment, we tend to sharpen our focus on efficiency, productivity and profitability. And, because attraction marketing is a strategy that draws people to us instead of us searching and sorting through them (that’s the efficiency part!), it is…

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