Lead Generation

Lead Generation – A Stats Roundup for Small Businesses

Without a reliable system of generating leads on a regular basis, there is no business. That’s just the plain fact of the matter. We’ve all been there: You start your small businesses with a great product that everyone you know will be leaping to buy, and then you burn through your all-encompassing list of “friends” and family and…

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Blogging for Business – What’s the Big Deal?

Does the mere thought of blogging to promote your home-based business give you the heebie-jeebies? Why put yourself through that kind of writing pressure when there is so much going on in social media? Why Blogging Is So Critical Having a social media presence is crucial to any business, regardless the size of your brand. However, social platforms…

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Copywriting – Method and Mastery for the Online Entrepreneur

Copywriting is an intriguing art form that eludes many small business owners. But once understood, it can truly refine your focus on the content you should be producing regularly. Copywriting – What It Is Neil Patel and Joseph Putnam offer this description in their comprehensive ebook: The Definitive Guide to Copywriting: Copywriting is the art and science of writing…

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home business productivity tips

Home Business Productivity Tips – To Do or Not To Do

Home business productivity can be viewed as something of an oxymoron by many of us who are called to run our businesses from our homes. Even when we are relatively driven individuals, have set our goals and built our vision boards and at least taken a stab at creating a business plan  – working from…

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sponsoring new reps

Sponsoring New Reps in this Golden Internet Age

When it comes to sponsoring new reps into your business, today’s network marketer has it so much easier than ever before. Technology has opened the doors for those of us who may, until recently, have been locked out for various reasons – be it living in an area where networking was darn near impossible, or possessing an introverted personality, or lacking…

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