Blogging for Business – What’s the Big Deal?

Does the mere thought of blogging to promote your home-based business give you the heebie-jeebies? Why put yourself through that kind of writing pressure when there is so much going on in social media?

Why Blogging Is So Critical

Having a social media presence is crucial to any business, regardless the size of your brand. However, social platforms are a fast-moving entity, and your posts have only a very brief moment of relevance. So, you also need a more viable and permanent content hub to send all your social traffic to.

This is why owning a website or blog is so important.

Picture This!

Let's put it in physical terms for the sake of illustration.blogging

Having only a social media presence is like having the customers you attract walk through your storefront's door. When they get inside they just about fall on their faces before realizing it is just a movie-set facade! No walls. No roof. No floor. And absolutely no goods or services on the other side!

But having a website or blog where your prospects can interact with you, your products and your services, is like having an authentic storefront with a sales force, products galore, and a way to actually transact business! (To say nothing of the floor, indoor plumbing, and all other creature comforts they would expect in a real place of business!)

Another consideration: On social media sites, your content is not your own. And if you somehow tick off somebody on one or all of them, you lose all of your hard work as well as your audience.

But you DO have complete ownership and control of your blog. You don't have to worry about censorship or being at the mercy of some Mr./Ms. Powers-That-Be.  You just have to be faithful to your brand which is, hopefully, faithful to your target audience.


Stocking Your Virtual Store

So your virtual business space needs to be well-stocked with samples and education, things that are going to support your shopper and help them to make the right decision for their needs. And THAT is the mission of your blogging content.

Here are some tips on how to build up your blogging “inventory:”


Bring On the Shoppers!

Your articles can also do an awful lot to attract the right buyers into your “store!”


Through the use of strategic keywords that draw your prospect's internet search right to you.

Finding the appropriate keywords involves careful planning. And once you have decided on your topic, keyword research is your first matter of business.

To determine the proper keywords for your blog post, you have to begin with the end in mind.

  • What is your goal?
    • Is it to attract leads?
    • Is it to sell products?
  • Which product are you promoting?
  • What type of person fits the mold of your ideal prospect?
  • Who will want to buy what you have to offer?
  • What do they need in order to make a decision to purchase with you?





Many site owners do not start with a blogging plan and simply scribble away. Their visitor is then left confused, frustrated or angry because they feel their time has been wasted and the blog post did not deliver what they thought had been promised.

So be very specific in what each piece of content you create should accomplish. Developing a content plan and sticking to it will keep you focused as you produce and market your articles and blog posts.

Blogging vs. Social Media – It's Not Either/Or

Making your permanent content sharable brings the value back to your social networks. 1 billion+ people are on Facebook alone. You could place ads there and test and tweak their effectiveness. But the most effective (and certainly cost-efficient) marketing method is through word-of-mouth.

And when your raving fans are sharing what you have to say, THAT's some powerful word-of-mouth!

More Pictures, Please!

Make generous use of images in your blog posts. Not only do relevant photos reinforce the points you are trying to make via the written word, but they add interest to your content structure and give the reader a visual break. It makes your article less intimidating and imminently more sharable.


Write With Purpose!!

Learn how easy it is to set profitable goals and meet them with every article and blog post you publish!

Find out how!

Post Posting – What Happens Next?

Keep a weather-eye on your blogging content after you have posted its. Follow it and watch your metrics to see how much interest and influence it is generating with shares and click-throughs on your call-to-action. Look for ways to improve the blog post itself. Revise and even repurpose it for another use.

Track how your blogging promotional dollars are being spent. Keep a record of it's marketing journey and the effectiveness it has on your business' bottom line.

I think if you see even a tenth of the value blogging can have for your business, you will agree it is well worth the effort!

Profit-ably Yours, Joyce M. Anderson

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  • Marcus

    Reply Reply April 2, 2016

    It really is almost vital for any Internet-based business to consider blogging. The growth possibilities are endless. On that note, I think developing solid writing skills is also an important step to taking blogging to the next level. Excellent article!

  • Andrew M. Warner

    Reply Reply April 10, 2016

    I think businesses should definitely blog — depends on the business. Because blogging doesn’t make sense for some niches.

    It truly depends on your audience and what type of information they ultimately want. And then provide it to them. The best way to find that out is to find other businesses in yur space blogging already. And seeing the success, or lack there of, they’re having.

    – Andrew

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