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5 Steps to a Content Marketing Strategy with Purpose

5 Steps to a Content Marketing Strategy with Purpose

In anything you hope to succeed in, you need a strategy – and that certainly goes for blogging! Unless you are writing as a hobby, you've got to be putting out posts with purpose. So if you don't already have a content marketing strategy in place, it's time to draft one up, pronto!

I consider Tanya Aliza to be my most important blogging mentor, and she truly is one of the best in the business. You will see why in a minute.

Tanya has identified 5 key articles that should be on every affiliate/network marketer's blog, and does a great job of explaining why in her video at the bottom of this post.

Give these a quick review and see if they don't inspire your own content marketing strategy genius 🙂

Get Personal In Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Write a personal testimony on your experience with your product, and share the value you got from it.content marketing strategy


Don't give facts or features of the product. Give feelings. People buy with emotion. Your personal story will convey the emotion your prospect is looking for.

Let Somebody Else Toot Their Horn

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Share other people’s stories about their experience with the company you are with – they could be a part of your upline or downline. Do an audio or video interview of your guest, if possible.content marketing strategy

You need to be able to share your story, too. But someone who reads this post may be able relate to that other person's story better than they can relate to yours!

So don't be a Johnny-One-Note. Get everybody in on the act 🙂 Make your content marketing strategy inclusive of many rich and diverse voices!


Address the Competition

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Be aware of the comparables and the objections you are facing when you present your product or service, and give your side of the story in a blog post.

If you are in the health and wellness industry, for example, maybe people say they can get the same vitamins or shakes at GNC. What makes your product definitive? Do you have a guarantee that is better than anybody else’s? Is your product more convenient? Is the quality better?

You don't have to bag on your competition to get the point across. Show integrity in your argument.

Having content like this that you can direct prospects to helps to remove confrontational situations and eliminates friction in the marketplace.

Results, Results, Results …

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Ever watch HGTV? Don't you love the before and after photos they show at the end of a design project? (Of course, my home staging self goes right to HGTV! Lol!)

Think of how compelling those before and after weight loss photos are! Does your skin care product make a dramatic difference you can demonstrate?

Or maybe you could do the same with your income comparison before and after. Tell about the lack of hope you had before you started with your company, and the many options you have now.

Here is a great place to share a little bit about your “why,” which is a great rapport builder. People join people. Be a real one in your content.

Do You Stand By Your Team?

content marketing strategy

If you are in network marketing especially, this is what people want to know before they join you. Will you help them build their business after they have signed on the dotted line?

And how?

content marketing strategy

This is your time to show your leadership. Share what you are doing for your team to help them be successful. Share what you are all learning together! When someone sees this on your blog your credibility as a leader will sky rocket.

Well, is your content marketing strategy genius on fire? I hope so! Told ya she was the best in the biz 🙂 With these 5 blog posts under your belt you will have an amazing foundation to support your business goals and dreams.

Here is Tanya's complete video – Enjoy!!

Profitably Yours, Joyce M. Anderson

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