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From a Place of Power: Handling Objections

From A Place of Power: Handling Objections

What is the one thing that sets network marketers, or all marketers for that matter, in a tailspin? The topic of Handling Objections!

  • What do you say when your prospect says they don't have the money?
  • What do you do to convince them your opportunity isn't a pyramid scheme?
  • How do you get a negative prospect to take a second look?

Our natural proclivity when we come against opposition of this sort is to tremble, waver in self-doubt, and skulk away wondering what happened to the backbone we stepped into the business with.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

With some help from three stellar marketers of our time, let's examine how the best in the industry view and handle objections

Expert #1: Ray Higdon, RayHigdon.com

handling objections


Posture is everything.

In his recent blog post, 3 WEIRD WAYS I HANDLE MLM OBJECTIONS THAT ACTUALLY WORK, Ray turns the tables on the typical prospect and assumes the role of power, say like that of the one offering a very desirable job vs. the apologetic “girl Friday”-type who doesn't want to bother anybody. See what I mean by checking out his article here

I love how he positions himself as a leader from the get-go, so that no one is in doubt of who is the person in power here.

Many of us tend to think you can't be that way AND  be a nice person. Ray is one of the nicest people you will ever want to meet. Confidence and a sweet personality are not mutually exclusive. When you realize power comes from having something of value to offer another person that will truly help them, you will have discovered an authentic foundation to build your entire business upon.

Take Aways: Think posture. Set your parameters. What are the characteristics you are looking for as a business owner? How will you be persuaded to accept someone as the right candidate to join your team? Are you begging for people to like and join you, or are you in charge of the situation and limiting access to you based on qualifications you deem as worthy of your professional energy and time?


Expert #2: Jackie Ulmer, JackieUlmer.com

handling objections


Jackie has some great points to share in her StreetSmartWealth.com podcast, Those Challenging Objections in Direct Sales. Here is a snapshot of her recommendations:

Make sure you truly have a viable prospect before you spend a lot of time handling objections. Are they actually presenting an objection or making excuses?

Also, the more objections a person has, it seems the less likely that person will actually build a business if they sign up.

Be mindful: This business model is not going to be for everybody – in fact, not for most people. But, “birds of a feather flock together. We are simply looking for our flock!”

Often the objections expressed are not the actual objection. You have to tread carefully and thoughtfully and ask yourself, what's the real question here? Don't get defensive or rattled. Maintain your posture.

You can even ask them, “Is there more here? What concerns you about this?”

You can also turn the question back around to them. For instance, If they ask how much time will it take, you can ask them, “how much time do you think it will take?”

Posture to Handle Objections

It seems “posture” is the word both Ray and Jackie agree on.

What's that word really mean in this context?

Jackie explains “posture” as, being the one willing to say “no” first! You want to find people who are ready to say yes now, not after they think about it or talk it over with their family or friends.

But, at the same time, your saying “no” doesn't mean saying “never, ever talk to me about this again!!” You want to keep the door open because their situation could change down the line. With respect and kindness you can offer something like this: I sense this isn't a good fit for you right now. I would love to keep in touch and maybe check back with you about this in a few months.

handling objections


Take Away: Are you going after your prospects with an all-or-nothing approach? People's circumstances change with time and, with those circumstances, their perspective. Keep the lines of communication open. There are plenty of direct marketing leaders out there who were not willing to step into the industry right away. Treat everyone with respect. You may be planting seeds with your organization's next leader!

Expert #3: Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, Online Wealth Partner.com

Handling objections


This power-couple has plenty to say on the topic of objection handling in their blog post, How to Overcome Objections Throughout the Sales Process.

Objections are a natural part of the entire sales process. So when an objection comes up, don't immediately go into “defense mode,” duck and cover! A great response might be to return the question with a question like, “That’s a great question …out of curiosity, why did you ask that? Has that (objection they raised) happened to you before?” Depending on their response you can continue the conversation by asking open ended questions to get a better feel for where they are actually coming from.

By taking this approach you are:

  • taking the pressure for a response off of your shoulders,
  • truly getting to know what is at issue with your prospect, and,
  • establishing … wait for it … posture.

Take Away: maybe the point is to not focus on giving the correct answer to an objection. Maybe the point should be to focus on asking great questions to get to the heart of the matter with your prospect.

Jim Collins, author of “Built to Last” and “Good to Great,” speaks of what he calls “Gardner's Golden Rule.” Essentially, it is this:

Focus on being interest-ED instead of interest-ING.

handling objections


When people see how much you want to know about them, when they see how much you care, their concern is not so much about getting the right answer back from you as in sharing in the rapport you are building with them.

Seems to me those building blocks are foundational in handling even the slightest objection.

Profitably Yours,Joyce M. Anderson

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