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Home Business Productivity Tips – To Do or Not To Do

Home business productivity can be viewed as something of an oxymoron by many of us who are called to run our businesses from our homes. Even when we are relatively driven individuals, have set our goals and built our vision boards and at least taken a stab at creating a business plan  – working from home is a territory entrepreneurial angels might do well to fear to tread!

Fear not, though, brethren! Here is an assemblage of articles from people who have navigated these turbulent waters successfully, and left productivity lifelines for us to catch on to and garner wisdom from.

Article #1. How To Grow Your Business By Outsourcing These 6 Tasks

home business productivity tips

Tom Hunt, who contributes to matthewwoodward.co.uk, makes money in affiliate sales after minimal effort with what he calls “efficient outsourcing,” meaning delegating the tasks an entrepreneur should not be doing if they want to grow their business. 

In his post he credits a few books worth reskimming if you've already read them. The first credit goes to Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited, who states that every task within a business falls into one of three categories:

  1. Technician – Writing sales copy, handling customer service …
  2. Manager – Recruiting, reviewing team performance …
  3. Entrepreneur – Defining strategy, researching new marketing channels…

His second nod goes to Robert Kiyosaki's popular Cashflow Quadrant. His theory puts wage earners in four (thus the ‘Quadrant') categories: 

Employees – Work In A System
Self Employed/Contractors – Are Systems
Entrepreneurs – Build Systems
Investors – Invest Money In Systems

The higher up the economic food chain, the more efficient and streamlined you must become. So Tom offers his “Efficient Outsourcing Formula”:

Step #1 – Identify Tasks To Be Outsourced

Step #2 – Perform The Tasks To Be Outsourced

Step #3 – Create Working Procedures

In the article, you will find some awesome free tools to help identify and strategize systems and procedures to be outsourced.

Step #4 – Train Your Team

He accomplishes this by basically using both forward and reverse job shadowing, and gives examples of each.

home business productivity tips

All this to lead into the original home business productivity concept of the article, which is to outsource 6 online marketing tasks that keep you from doing what you should be doing as a business owner: working on your business instead of in your business.

Here is his suggested delegation checklist:

  1. Managing Your Social Media & Content Strategy
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Filtering Emails & Managing Your Calendar
  4. Managing Your Email Lists
  5. Customer Service
  6. Recruiting & Managing Virtual Team Members

To read the full article, check it out here.

Article #2. 30 Time Hacks Every Marketer Needs To Implement Today

 home business productivity tips

This ambitious list, produced by James Johnson, again for the tutorial section of matthewwoodward.co.uk, is certain to inject more time, accomplishment and profit into your day.

His list includes generous portions of life hacks, science hacks, free and paid tools, and tips championed by leaders of leaders, such as Richard Branson.

His first point would be earth-shaking for anyone affected by late 20th century pop-culture; namely: There is no such thing as multitasking.

Thank goodness we don't have to write a blog post, walk the dog and host a webinar all at the same time!! Anybody else out there breathing a sigh of relief?

Guess I'm dating myself?

I digress.

Some of what Johnson offers are going to be familiar to you if you have read anything by David Allen, such as the 2 minute rule, eating the frog, checking email only at certain times of the day, etc.

My personal favorite tip for home business productivity is #4 – Learning A Lazy Cheat Code. Here he gives ideas for creating templates of things you do repeatedly, like having a pre-made article structure, and templates for social media posts. Having templates and checklists helps to decrease the number of decisions you have to make in a day, keeping your mind available for other critical problem solving activities. You will find more on that in #11 in the article.

Of the apps and tools mentioned to help boost home business productivity, I have to give a personal thumbs up for Trello. I use it for aggregating research for articles I am writing, planning events, or organizing anything with moving pieces. It's dynamite.

home business productivity tips

He also mentions The Secret Weapon, which has taken my use of Evernote to a whole new playing field. Between these two tools, I am noticing less crack-fall-through, and much higher productivity in every area of life!

I will definitely be investing in Hemingway Editor, a desktop application available on both Mac and PC to expedite editing and formatting tasks of written content. $9.99 sounds reasonable for the time it could save!!

Check out and enjoy the full article here.

Article #3. Make Money Online: Traffic + Conversions = Money

home business productivity tips

Now that we know some of the things we should not personally be doing on a regular basis in our businesses, what should we be doing?

John Chow gives us his home business productivity tips in this video blogpost.

In a nutshell, we all know we need to be focused on doing income-producing activities. But conventional wisdom seems to be that generating traffic to our offer is one of them. While it's true that the more eyeballs we get on our offers, the better, it is also true that eyeballs don't pay the bills. Sales do.

So, John recommends focusing more of your time on what converts your leads into sales. Spend time on getting your sales funnels right, make sure your lead magnet is spot-on, check out how well your trip-wire product, your upsells and your high ticket products are converting. Split testing and tweaking your marketing content will pay the highest dividends for your efforts.

Get all of John's recommendations here.

For a Suite of Tools that will help you  Leverage Your Precious Time, at a ridiculously low cost,

Give this high-powered vehicle a test ride!

So, by outsourcing and time-hacking your way through the daily to-do list (and the things that keep you from it!), I hope you have found a way to focus in on what will bring you the most profit at day's end. It takes practice and determination, but home business productivity doesn't have to be an oxymoron for any of us anymore!

Profit-ably Yours, Joyce M. Anderson

PS: Did you learn something today? I hope you were encouraged and inspired by the content! If so, please feel free to comment and pass it along 🙂

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