Productivity Strategies

Productivity Strategies to Make the Most of Your Day

Productivity Strategies to Make the Most of Your Day

It's 6:00 am.

You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

You beat it over to the alarm clock and shut it off before it even begins to ring. Long before.

You drink down a glass of water with lemon, and hum a little tune to yourself as you make your way to your home office.

An hour later you emerge with a piece of content complete and posted, and the rest of your beautiful, productive day mapped out and strategized.

A little exercise, quick refreshing shower, light and healthy breakfast and sweet time to encourage your spouse and children as you send them off on their day – it's a time of deep gratitude that you can be there for them. “There” in every sense of the word.

Back to your war room for another chunk of uninterrupted productivity

Does this sound like your day?

Many of us opt for a home business to experience just that type of empowerment and freedom.

For many of us, though, our days don't resemble anything close to what I just described!

We are constantly interrupted by the urgencies of life. Or we stay busy all day and close up shop in the evening wondering what the heck we accomplished.

Our families see us at home with them all day, but we're so distracted by our business worries that they know we are not really “there.”

We find that we never have the time we need to complete the “important” things.

What if, with just a little tweaking to your routine, you could add an additional hour of productivity to your day?

Or two hours?

What if you could come up with eight hours of productive time every day to build your business?

From “What If” to “Why Not” – Productivity Strategies

Here are some tips to move you out of home business frustration into the business and lifestyle you have been striving for!

Sean Cannell answers a question he gets often: How does he do all the things he does? (And it sounds like he does a lota things!!)

Sean asserts in this video that if you can double your productivity, you can double your life. He offers five simple strategies to do that, stating by following them you can save 8 hours a day! 

Here's his breakdown:

  1. Eliminate Interruptions (Time block the important things you have to do everyday and protect that time). – get back as much as 2 hours of your day.
  2. Organize your environment – get back 30 minutes a day.
  3. Plan your day in advance – spending 15 minutes a day planning will give you back 150 minutes (2 1/2 hours) per day.
  4. Turn off the internet (at least the social platforms) – get back 1 hour or more a day.
  5. Stop multi-tasking on important tasks – get back up to 2 hours in your productive day.

Any of these strategies sound compelling?

More Productivity Fun

See a few repeats from Sean's video, right?

If you are not clear on your purpose and priorities, you won't be clear on what your high-impact activities should be. Spend some time on this, if you haven't. By getting clarity on what the most important tasks of your day/week/month are, you will be able to structure a routine to knock them out consistently. That's progress, Baby!

Though an empty inbox may seem like a pipe dream, it is possible to keep it cleaner and more manageable. I use a wonderful free tool called that sends me one digest a day with all the emails I have requested to be “rolled up,” like promotions from catalogs I like, newsletters from people or businesses I want to hear from but don't really want cluttering my inbox, etc. They also allow me to unsubscribe from email lists with one click. Productivity on FABULOUS!

I love that Iulian included the focus on treating your body well. Diet, rest and exercise are so important in supporting brain function and mental clarity – two major factors in productivity 🙂

And speaking of rest …

Did you notice the bit at the top about working around our circadian rhythms, and the consequences when we don't?

Apparently circadian rhythms have a significant effect on several important bodily functions, such as body temperature, release of hormones and sleep-wake cycles. Our individual rhythms are determined by genetics and affected by light. So if you live in the northern hemisphere and you realize you are even less of a morning person during daylight savings time, now you know why!

And how about that social media schedule at the end? How does your posting schedule match up?

There are many factors that affect our personal productivity. Some of them we can't control but, as we've seen, there are several we can! I hope you have found a few new productivity strategies here to implement into your work routine. I'd love to know what tune you hum to yourself as you enter empowered into your successful and profitable new day 🙂

Productivity Strategies of the Pros

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