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Ideas to make the most of time spent on your home-based business

Small Business Productivity

Small Business Productivity – Reflections of a Twitter Chat

Small Business Productivity Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by the wonderful folks at Viral Content Buzz on a Twitter Chat. Thought you would enjoy reading the Q and A 🙂 Q: How long have you been working from home? What inspired you to start your own business? A: I became a certified home stager…

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online marketing insider tips

7 Online Marketing Insider Tips to Grow Your Business

7 Online Marketing Insider Tips to Grow Your Business It’s been said one of the best paths to success is to find someone that is currently producing the results you are looking for and copy what they have done to produce those results – your success is just about guaranteed. Well, if that’s true, this is your lucky day 🙂…

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Productivity Strategies

Productivity Strategies to Make the Most of Your Day

Productivity Strategies to Make the Most of Your Day It’s 6:00 am. You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. You beat it over to the alarm clock and shut it off before it even begins to ring. Long before. You drink down a glass of water with lemon, and hum a little…

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Marketing Your Home Business: How Much Is Enough?

Marketing Your Home Business: How Much Is Enough? We home biz types are gluttons for punishment! We drive ourselves crazy making sure all our bases are covered, rush at fever-pitch to the newest marketing strategies, loyally attend every company event and outdo one another in the who’s-the-most-excited-to-be-here contests. At home we sit at our laptops and…

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