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Leveraging powerful systems and tools for entrepreneurial success

home business productivity tips

Home Business Productivity Tips – To Do or Not To Do

Home business productivity can be viewed as something of an oxymoron by many of us who are called to run our businesses from our homes. Even when we are relatively driven individuals, have set our goals and built our vision boards and at least taken a stab at creating a business plan  – working from…

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Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies – 3 Tools To Help You Reach Your Income Goals

Most of us who are serious about making our businesses work want to cut through the common mistakes and follow a time-tested blueprint to success. Though every business and business owner is different in some way, shape or form, experts in the online marketing industry agree on five elements that are important for every top earner…

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Social Media Marketing Plan

Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan

The terms Social Media Marketing and Plan don’t come together naturally for me. The endeavor can be anything but organized at times. You feel like you open up your favorite platform with every good intention to work, and an hour later realize you’ve gone down so many rabbit trails you can’t remember where you started,…

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Beauty of Systems

The Beauty of Systems – How to Get Your To Do List To Do Itself

Getting your mindset right is a very critical part of being a successful entrepreneur. But if you wait for your mindset to kick in before you take action, you are totally missing the boat. Being in business for yourself means doing the important, high-value activities on a daily basis whether you feel motivated to do…

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Keeping It Simple

So many of us are addicted to, or at least heavily dependent upon, our social media sites for communication and connection every day. We log on first thing in the morning with our coffee and check back frequently until we have called it a blurry-eyed day. Seriously – Do you know anybody in your life that…

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