Beauty of Systems

The Beauty of Systems – How to Get Your To Do List To Do Itself

Getting your mindset right is a very critical part of being a successful entrepreneur. But if you wait for your mindset to kick in before you take action, you are totally missing the boat.

Being in business for yourself means doing the important, high-value activities on a daily basis whether you feel motivated to do them or not. Happily, there is a way to turn on the productivity, even when the task at hand is boring, the creative juices aren’t exactly flowing, or you just don’t feel “in the Zone.” How you ask? With systems.Beauty of Systems

Getting Things Done with Systems

Systems are the scaffolding that supports the worker as he builds upward. They are reliable, usually simple to execute and a blueprint of efficiency. When you get your systems right, the work practically does itself.

Motivation can lift you up in a dry spot, and it can just as quickly leave you down in the dumps! Though pursuing your vocational passion is a matter of the heart, we all know how fickle the heart can be!

Where To Start

When setting up your systems it is always important to start with the end in mind. For instance, you may want to create a system for building your audience on your blog. Your system might include writing at least an hour a day, creating a content schedule, surveying your blog visitors for more content ideas, spending “x” amount of time replying to your visitors’ comments each day.

You may have a content marketing or social media strategy that you can systematize to ensure the important tasks are checked off and completed each day.

Beauty of SystemsThe Number 1 Most Important System of All

The one system that every person with a pulse and a goal needs universally is a time management system. There are thousands of options available, both digital and analogue. But the best have four integral ingredients: A to-do list, a calendar, an address book and a way of capturing notes and ideas.

There are other items to get fancy with when you are ready, such as habit trackers, health trackers, calorie trackers, etc. But the basic four mentioned here are non-negotiable.

From To-Do To Done

Let’s take a look at the to-do list. Do you have one? Think of it as a bucket to collect all those little, nagging thoughts that pester you with things you need to remember to do. Your brain can only deal with so much detail at any given moment. The rest slips right through the cognitive cracks, never to be seen or heard from again!

Avoid this by doing a brain dump at regular intervals, preferably first thing in the morning. No matter how insignificant the task may seem, make sure it is recorded. Then take a look at all those tasks and prioritize them according to deadline or importance.

If you remember something you need to do while you are engaged in an important task, quickly write it down on that list and forget about it. It will be there for you when you are done with what you are working on, and you can slip it into a priority category then.

Mindset is Important, But …

By all means, work on that mindset. It will help propel your productivity in the direction of your choice. But in the meantime, when the motivational high is not there to serve you when you need it, cling tenaciously to the systems that will keep your feet moving on the path to success.


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